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Saturday 25 may 2024 – 9AM - 6PM

Conference organized by Ugivi – Union of Vine and Wine Jurists and the Cantina Sociale of Quistello. Wine tourism is a rapidly growing practice, which is becoming an increasingly important element both for making consumers aware of wine and its territories, and from the point of view of company sales. During the conference, the legal issues concerning the management of wine tourism, the current trends and the strategic and operational aspects for the promotion of the winery and the territory and the management of tourists will be discussed.

The conference will be held on Saturday 25 May 2024 at the Cantina Sociale of Quistello (MN) with the first session entitled "Wine tourism: the rules and the actors" from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm. The work will resume at 2.30 pm with the second session entitled "Wine tourism: welcoming food and wine tourists - rules, practices, governance of the territory", and will end at 6.00 pm.



Monday 11 March 2024 – 10AM - 4PM

Lady Drink's event celebrates female mixology since 1996.

For the title of Lady Drink Italia, 45 Italian barmaids will compete with shakers in the categories Pre Dinner, After Dinner and Long Drink.

The Lady Drink International competition will involve 12 barmaids representing the participating nations.

Follow here the broadcast from Savoy Beach Hotel & Thermal Spa in Bibione.

The values of Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC

Saturday 4 November 2023 – 10AM - 1PM

The second international conference organized by DOC delle Venezie: an opportunity for discussion between operators, opinion leaders and the sector press on new trends, styles and changes in the market.

TRENDS AND INNOVATIONS IN THE SECTOR. Sustainability Luca Rigotti, Councilor of the Consorzio delle Venezie and President of the Mezzacorona Group, Coordinator of the Wine Sector of Alleanza delle Cooperative and President of the Wine Working Group of Copa Cogeca. Herbert Dorfmann, MEP Agriculture and Rural Development Commission. Sandro Sartor, Councilor of the Consorzio delle Venezie, President and CEO of Ruffino and President of Wine in Moderation.

Francesco Liantonio, President of Triveneta Certifications.
Riccardo Velasco, Director of CREA, Council for agricultural research and analysis of agricultural economics.

Lulie Halstead, Founder of Wine Intelligence, Non-executive Director IWSR and Trustee and WSET.
Kristi Paris, Head of Global Partnership at Vivino.
David Gluzman, CEO of Wine Folly.
Felicity Carter, Co founder of Business of Drinks.
Daniele Cernilli, Managing Director of Doctorwine.

International conference - Vermouth di Torino PGI and Barolo Chinato PDO: past, present and future.

Saturday 23 September 2023 – 9am - 6.30pmPM

International conference organized by UGIVI, Cavour Piedmont Regional Oenoteque, Turin Academy of Agriculture, Turin Vermouth.

Vermouth di Torino PGI and Barolo Chinato PDO: past, present and future of flavored wines between Designations of Origin and collective brands. Since ancient times there are testimonies that highlight how the union of wines and spices was highly appreciated in ancient Egypt and Cyprus. The Greeks and Romans had the custom of adding resin, spices and honey to wine amphorae, giving life to complex and aromatic products and even today Retsina is a living testimony to this ancient tradition. These wines were appreciated for their taste, but also for their therapeutic and digestive properties. At the end of the 18th century, the Vermouth (or Vermut) of Turin appeared in Piedmont, thanks to the work of expert liqueur makers, combining the Moscato di Canelli wine - which recently became DOCG - with officinal herbs and spices, and primarily the mugwort. Vermouth di Turin spread first to France and Spain, then throughout the world.

Alongside this fascinating story, that of Barolo Chinato unfolds, thanks to pharmacists qualified in the medical use of cinchona who led to the creation of chinato wines. Barolo Chinato is produced within the Barolo DOCG specifications, while Vermouth di Torino is a Protected Geographical Indication, with a specific specification that regulates its production and composition. The conference will delve into the legal profiles of aromatized wines, with particular focus on issues relating to labeling and the protection of intellectual property. LINK:


24 June 2023 - from 3:30 - 5:00 PM



1) The "smart" enterprise driven by data and algorithms. Research and development legal boundaries for corporate Artificial Intelligence. (Avv. Luca Bolognini, Court of Rome, Founding Partner ICT Legal Consulting, President of the Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Enhancement);
2) Artificial intelligence, production processes and occupational safety: revolution or mere illusion? (Avv. Federica De Stefani, Court of Mantua, Prof a.c. Link Campus University and Unicollege SSML);
3) Responsible use of artificial intelligence in viticulture and risk management. Towards a pro-innovation discipline of civil liability? (Attorney Diego Saluzzo, Court of Turin, President of UGIVI);
4) Artificial intelligence, robotics and liability: the criminal algorithm? (Avv. Barbara Indovina, Court of Milan, Academic Fellow, Luigi Bocconi University);

From theory to practice: Artificial Intelligence solutions in the present and in the future of wineries. Luciano Bulgarelli (President of the Cantina Sociale di Quistello),
Dr. Alessandro Beduschi (Councillor for Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry of the Lombardy Region, awaiting confirmation),
Dr. Dante Garrone (Az Agr Garrone Evasio & Figlio, AT),
Dr. Lorenzo Biscontin (Labhornet srl, TS),
Dr. Umberto Pichler (Mezzacorona, TN). Dr. Cinzia Montagna, journalist, collaborator of "Millevigne - The periodical of Italian winemakers" moderates the conference The conference will be accredited by the Mantua Order of Lawyers, as well as by the Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of the Province of Mantua and by the Interprovincial College of Agricultural Experts and Graduated Agricultural Experts of Brescia, Cremona, Mantua and Sondrio


26 April 2023 - from 4:30 PM

"Sell me this pen" is one of the iconic scenes from the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street". How does it apply to the wine business?

Or what elements, values and techniques to apply to the sale of wine? Is the sale of wine really as different from that of other food products as they say?

Next April 26th at 4.30 pm we will organize a webinar at Vinophila in collaboration with our partner to discuss these issues and answer these questions.

The speakers will be: - Adriano Aiello, agent and wine selector. - Roberto Filomia, consultant. - Alessandro Satin, - Lorenzo Biscontin, Labhornet - Vinophila.
The webinar will be in Italian and the time refers to Italy time zone (CEST) ID riunione: 811 5226 3870 -- Passcode: 322806

CellarVerse Virtual Dinner Experience

20 April 2023 - from 7:45 to 11:00 PM

An evening dedicated to the discovery of the Neapolitan flavors of Chef Marco Badalucci combined with the precious wines of the Officina del Sole company.

A tasting menu to be discovered and savored while being accompanied by the descriptions of the wines from the ambassador of the winery: Davide Di Chiara.

Guests will be able to participate remotely in the digital event interacting with Chef Badalucci, Davide Di Chiara and Mr. Savethewall, the famous Italian Street Artist.

The identity of the Sicilian Vineyard: the Paulsen Vivaio and the enhancement of the Sicilian Viticultural germplasm.

Wednesday 5 April - from 10:00 to 10:45 AM
V. Pernice – Director of the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fishing – Department of Agriculture Area 2
F- Paladino – Vice President of the Sicily Doc Consortium

Pantelleria "Virtual Museum", between identity, knowledge and values in the agricultural practice of the sapling vine Intangible Heritage of Unesco.

Tuesday 4th April from 11.30 to 12.30 PM
B. Renda – President of the Pantelleria DOC Consortium
S. Gabriele – President of the Pantelleria Natural Park
A. Rallo – President of the DOC Sicily Consortium
S. Rings – Director of the Pantelleria National Park
P.L. Petrillo – Univ. Unitelma Sapienza
E. Moro – Sister Orsola Benincasa University Pantelleria producers

Metaverse wine and artificial intelligence, Vinophila presents: Sicily small DOC grow.

Monday 3 April from 16.00 to 16.30 PM
L. Biscontin – CEO Labhornet Vinophila
A. Gori – Host, journalist, wine critic

Sicilian Region Press Conference

Monday 3 April from 15.00 to 16.00 PM
Renato Schifani – President of the Sicilian Region
Luca Sammartino – Councilor for Agriculture of the Sicilian Region
Signing of the memorandum of understanding for the development of joint actions for the protection and enhancement of the World Heritage Sites recognized by Unesco in the territories of Pantelleria and the area of the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.
The President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia participates.

Messina Promotes: two seas, three DOCs in synergy for the development of the territory: the attractive value of wine for a tourism experience. Local wine tasting

Monday 3 April from 11:30 to 12:30 AM
F. Basile – Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Messina
F. Mondello – President of the Mamertino DOC Consortium
A. Amadei – Journalist
T. Guzzo – Winemaker

Next Generation: The new face of the Island

Sunday 2nd April from 3.45 to 4.45 PM

The world wine market in 2022

Prowein and Vinitaly are getting closer and with them the thousands of business meetings between wineries and importers, wholesalers and distributors to discuss how commercial relations will develop in 2023.

These meetings mainly focus on the specific situations of the players involved, wineries and operators, but to better address them it is also useful to have an overview of the world wine market and its trends.

This is why we decided to organize a webinar in which Lorenzo Biscontin, our CEO and market analyst for various sector publications, will present data on international wine trade in 2022, global harvest forecasts and consumption trends. The webinar is particularly aimed at wineries and wine buyers, but all those who are interested in learning about the dynamics of the global wine market can participate.
The webinar will be held in English in the conference hall of Vinophila metaverse on Thursday 9 March from 16:30 to 17:30 Italian time (GMT+1).

To access Vinophila you must be of legal drinking age and register through the site with e-mail address and password.
ID riunione: 868 5263 6295 - Passcode: 908786

Blockchain Forum Italia

The first Italian fair in the blockchain and fintech sector this year also in the metaverse.