Vinophila 3D Wine Expo - The Metaverse for Wine, Beer and Alcoholic Beverages

Metaverse for wine & alcoholic beverages :: Vinophila

What is the metaverse?

From a logical point of view, a metaverse is the continuous and contemporary integration of the physical and digital spheres that creates the new reality in which people live.

This hybrid reality is already conceptually the present in which most people live thanks to the use of smartphones that are always connected to the web.

From a technological point of view, the metaverse is the creation of three-dimensional digital spaces and environments. People enter and move through an avatar, which is their digital alias, in order to make the integration between physical and digital realms easier and richer at the same time.

Vinophila is the first metaverse dedicated to wine and alcoholic beverages and is based on these two principles: the physical world and virtual reality.

The first Metaverse dedicated to wine

Vinophila is already a reality available for the exhibitors in our virtual expo, where they can meet and engage opinion leaders, buyers and passionate consumers with their proposals. And they can do all of this without limits of time and space.

The 3D immersive environment allows you to move easily, in a pleasant and fun way. Above all, it allows you to easily interact with exhibitors to better discover their proposals through a much more agile and rich consumer experience than a normal website can do.

” Because wine is a conversation as much as it is tasting and Vinophila is a great activator, amplifier and multiplier of conversations. “

Thus it is easier to involve the contacts activated at Vinophila in one’s physical activities. The metaverse of wine and alcoholic beverages works as an accelerator and an amplifier of exhibitors’ proposals towards visitors, whether they are trade operators, institutions, opinion leaders or passionate consumers.

The first Metaverse dedicated to wine

The clearest example of the integration between physical and digital realms in the Vinophila metaverse are the activities organized in the Conference Room (Live Room), where a conference, a tasting or the presentation of a wine can be broadcast live. In this way, geographical limits are overcome, managing to expand the audiences in an economic and eco-sustainable way.

But the integrations between physical and digital can be done in Vinophila in many other ways. For example, you can view the satellite map of the winery and vineyards, with geographical coordinates and altimetric indications or you can activate a presentation of a wine in augmented reality by framing a QR Code on the bottle.

The possibilities offered by Vinophila, the metaverse of wine, are substantially unlimited and we are learning to know them as we visit it, keeping in mind the saying “If you can think of it, you can do it”.

In fact, one of the advantages of the metaverse is its flexibility that allows you to quickly adapt the messages of the wineries, even temporarily for a short period, according to the specific needs of a specific moment or a specific audience.

The first Metaverse dedicated to wine

Other advantages of Vinophila are economy and eco-sustainability.

Cost-effectiveness for visitors who enter Vinophila for free and can do it wherever they are, comfortably and without travel costs.

Cost-effectiveness for exhibitors because the cost for a one-year presence with a stand set up and the mini-site on the portal, is lower than the cost of space alone for one of the main trade fairs in the wine sector.

” Vinophila is eco-sustainable thanks to its extremely low carbon footprint compared to equivalent activities done in presence. ”

What is Vinophila missing? The experience of tasting is (still) lacking in the metaverse. For us it is fine because Vinophila does not want to replace the activities in the presence and we also like to meet over a good glass.

Because wine is a conversation as much as it is tasting and Vinophila is a great activator, amplifier and multiplier of conversations.