Vinophila 3D Wine Expo - The Metaverse for Wine, Beer and Alcoholic Beverages


A 3D Expo for wine and alcoholic beverages

Vinophila is the Expo tailor-made for those looking for new effective tools to communicate their passion for wine and alcoholic beverages

The 4.0 revolution is perfectly within reach of all food and wine professionals, and our Expo is here to prove it. Becoming an exhibitor means having a stable place in an environment full of stimuli for the wine and alcoholic beverages market.

The ability to receive useful information, attend webinars and get in touch with customers and suppliers is just a click away.

Expo Vinophila offers an immersive 3D engaging and fun reality where each participant satisfies her/his needs with minimal effort. An easy-to-use technology that takes the term “effectiveness” to a whole other level.

The future of wine is now, don’t miss it!

Become an Exibitor in Vinophila

Diventa un Espositore in Vinophila

At the forefront

Because it is made with the most advanced 3D immersive reality technology that makes the visit easy and fun.

Open to everyone, always, all year round

Everyone can enter Vinophila: opinion leaders, buyers, horeca professionals and passionate consumers.


For the exhibitor thanks to annual contracts. For visitors because everyone gets in for free.

Comfortable and Safe

At Vinophila you can enter wherever you are, from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Eco friendly

Several studies show that a face-to-face fair produces 100 times higher CO2 emissions than a virtual fair.Vinophila Espositore

Why be in Vinophila if you are a …


  • To be found by consumers and customers
  • To better tell who you are and what you do
  • To get noticed by organizing events
  • To be at the forefront


  • To discover new producers
  • To organize your food and wine holidays
  • To have fun participating in events
  • To be at the forefront


  • To discover new suppliers
  • To stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry
  • To participate in events
  • To be at the forefront

Vinophila espositore