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Serena Wines 1881: an excellent 2023 for an ambitious 2024.

The turnover of Serena Wines 1881 for 2023 closes at 108 million euros, with a growth in value of +4.5%.

Excellent result, even more considering the competitive and market scenario, characterized by a decline in wine consumption at a national and global level.

The positive trend concerns all market segments: from the Champagne de Vilmont, the Champagne brand of the Veneto winery, to the kegs, passing through the Prosecco DOC and DOCG Serena and Villa d’Arfanta.

The 2023 result arises above all from the success of the commercial strategies in the consolidation of the historic markets, France, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine, and from the development of the new ones, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Armenia, India, Iceland and Portugal.

The objectives of the 2024 – 2028 plan aim to combine this commercial effectiveness with the enrichment and articulation of the winery proposition, continuing the path begun with the inclusion of Champagne de Vilmont and the launch of the Costaross Prosecco brand to cover the bubbles market, both in terms of type of wines and positioning of the proposal.

2024 will certainly be a year of growth and new projects for us – we will already present one in February, on the occasion of Beer&Food Attraction in Rimini, linked to the world of mixing“, comments Luca Serena, fifth generation now at the helm of Serena Wines 1881. “If on the one hand we cannot forget where we come from – which is why I believe it is essential to continue to support our historic leadership in the drum sector – on the other, thanks also to that ‘overall view’ which it is my intent to consolidate throughout within the company, we will have to broaden our horizons and, while maintaining our indispensable link with Prosecco, approach the world of wines with a production of still wines that manage to gain success in the international market.

New wines, new moments of consumption and new styles for new consumers and clients.

A vision of growth that requires structural changes in the organization of the company, which began with the arrival of Francesca Ruffini as Marketing Director. Coming from the marketing management of Birra Castello, Ms. Ruffini will bring the experience and sensitivity developed in the beer business, an alcoholic beverage sector which in recent years has proven to be more capable than wine of involving young consumers.

The five-year goal is to reach 150 million in turnover and do so in an increasingly sustainable way. In fact, 2024 will be the third financial year in which Serena Wines 1881 will produce the sustainability report. “I would like our company to become the spokesperson for concrete and virtuous examples of sustainability”, concludes Luca Serena.

Vinophila 3D Wine Expo - The metaverse for Wine, Beer and Alcoholic Beverages

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