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Paestum welcomes the world of wine at the Paestum Wine Fest.

The thirteenth edition of the Paestum Wine Fest will be held from March 23rd to 25th at the former NEXT Tobacco Factory in Borgo Capasso di Paestum (Salerno).

The event born 13 years ago has not stopped growing, becoming one of the main events in the wine sector at a national level.

In 2023, 20,000 enthusiasts gathered in the exhibition structure a stone’s throw from the temples of Hera and Neptune to learn about and taste the wines of 650 wineries from Italy and abroad. Characteristic of the Paestum Wine Fest, however, is the dual nature which merges end consumers and sector operators, creating 360° business opportunities and which in 2023 saw the presence of restaurateurs, wholesalers and purchasing groups.

Numbers that will certainly be surpassed in 2024 thanks to the 800 wineries present and the many innovations implemented for the 2024 edition of the “festival for doing business” by Angelo Zarra, historic founder of the event, and Alessandro Rossi, new artistic director.

Business itself becomes more central in the program with numerous moments of analysis and discussion on the situation and strategies for dealing with changes in the wine market.

“This year we created the “Monitors”, innovative moments of discussion in format and content coordinated by the director of Corriere Vinicolo Giulio Somma and in which the most authoritative ambassadors and scientific communicators of the sector will participate. In this way producers will be able to understand the direction in which the markets are moving and how to manage it” declares Angelo Zarra.

These are the Monitors that will take place during the three days of the festival.

Saturday 23 March:

“Wine and markets, the perception of the South”, moderated by Luciano Pignataro.

“The oenological future: innovations and perspectives that will revolutionize the wine sector”, moderated by Giulio Somma

“Commercial analysis of the Italian wine sector in the world”, moderated by Giulio Somma.

“Refined spirits: spirits between past, present and future”, moderated by Francesco Fadda.

Sunday 24 March:

The new frontiers of communication in the wine world” moderated by Giulio Somma.

Monday 25 March:

“The importance of wine events from a marketing and sector communication perspective”.

“Life as a Barman”.

“Wine and Management”.

The program of masterclasses is even richer, ranging from wine to blending and spirits.

Saturday 23 March:

“Champagne is born and not made…”, hosted by Vania Valentini.

  “International or indigenous? Bolgheri: insight into the major performers”, hosted by Eros Teboni.

  “The multifaceted soul of Friuli”, hosted by Eros Teboni.

“The metropolitan vineyards”, hosted by Antonella Amodio.

“Fiano without borders: a vine declined worldwide” hosted by Charlie Arturaola.

Sunday 24 March:

“Champagne: the art of Perfection”, hosted by Alberto Lupetti.

“The white wines of Salerno: a sensorial journey between terroir and tradition”, hosted by Eros Teboni.

“The history of Sagrantino: Arnaldo Caprai”, hosted by Marco Caprai and Eros Teboni.

“Wines from the World”, hosted by Eros Teboni and Leila Salimbeni.

“Taurasi vs. Barolo” conducted by Paolo Lauciani,

“Untold Preview: THREE CORKSCREWS from Decanto” with the best wines from the first edition of the national Decanto guide.

Monday 25 March:

“Cannonau Likeness International”, hosted by Davide Gangi.

“God Save The Barolo”, hosted by Gianni Fabrizio.

“Brunello di Montalcino: face to face with the great Sangiovese” hosted by Eros Teboni.

“Sardinia according to Argiolas”, hosted by Mariano Murru and Gianni Fabrizio.

“Supertuscans and Vin de Garage: the combination that has made Italy great in the world” conducted by DoctorWine Daniele Cernilli,

“Wine in Mixing” conducted by bartenders Claudio Sciaraffa and Chiara Braione.

“presentation of Tequila Clase Azul”, the only stage in Europe of the ultra premium distillate of the highest quality produced in unique pieces of ceramic bottles by Mexican artisans.

At the Paestum Wine Festival there will also be space for training, with the awarding of the “Intrecci – Famiglia Pagano 1968” scholarship created by the collaboration between Intrecci – Academy of Higher Education and Hospitality of the sisters Dominga, Marta and Enrica Cotarella with the winery Pagano Family 1968.

The scholarship will reward the student of the Restaurant Room and Sales course of the Hotel Schools of Salerno and its province who best stands out in the tests scheduled by the jury composed of Angelo Zarra, Alessandro Rossi and the Pagano and Cotarella families.

The objective of the scholarship is to encourage the training of young but competent dining room staff, who have the courage to seize the opportunities offered by this profession, which is increasingly less attracting for the young generations.

Peastum Wine Fest 2024 aims at clear objectives and is already projecting forward with new ambitions for future editions, in the vision expressed by Alessandro Rossi “Credibility, brand and company as generators to be inserted into the same container. Credibility is built in living rooms, the brand through marketing and communication, the company on the sidewalk. The sidewalk has no teaching room. Communication and business go hand in hand, the glue is courage, in Italy and abroad. This edition of the Paestum Wine Fest will be a first step towards the development of an increasingly business-oriented event”.

Whether you are a sector operator or a wine, liqueur and spirit enthusiast, the Peastum Wine Fest is an event full of stimuli where you can meet with producers, discover new products and understand market trends.

For the complete program and to purchase tickets visit the website

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