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CADIS 1898 chooses Alberto Marchisio.

The vacancy of the general management of CADIS 1898, a cooperative group with a turnover of 141 million which brings together 4 historic cooperative wineries present in all the wine-growing areas of the Verona area, lasted just over a month.

Management has been entrusted to Alberto Marchisio, former General Director of Cantine Vitevis, a cooperative group from Vicenza, present in our metaverse since it was first put online, with whom Marchisio will continue to collaborate as a consultant.

Here below we publish the joint press release with which the two wineries announced the new appointment. A beautiful example of co-opetition on the part of the cooperative world.

Our congratulations go to Alberto Marchisio and our good luck to the staff of the two companies.

Soave, 29 April 2024

The Board of Directors of Cadis 1898 has resolved to entrust the general management of the winery to the oenologist Alberto Marchisio, who will assume the role from May, maintaining a consultancy relationship with Cantine Vitevis, the company of origin. Furthermore, with the aim of giving continuity to the path undertaken by Marchisio, the Vitevis Board of Directors will distribute delegations to the managers of different sectors present within the winery, with a view to valorising the skills acquired and internal resources.

“After the interruption of the working relationship with the former general director Wolfgang Raifer, which occurred last March, the Cadis 1898 Board of Directors developed the conviction that the figure of Alberto Marchisio was the most suitable to lead our company. In him we found excellent communication skills in dialogue and listening to people, ability to identify efficient commercial strategies, as well as organisational, visionary and oenological skills. These principles and values are the foundations on which we intend to build a solid future for Cadis 1898. We confidently welcome him into our large family and wish him a future full of success”, declares Roberto Soriolo, President of Cadis 1898.

Since 2012, Marchisio has held the position of general manager of the Colli Vicentini winery, now Cantine Vitevis, a legal entity created in 2015 from the merger of three Vicenza cooperatives (Colli Vicentini di Montecchio Maggiore, Cantina di Gambellara and Cantina di Malo) and followed by the acquisition of Cantina di Castelnuovo del Garda in the province of Verona in 2019, an important consolidation process developed and directed personally.

“I owe a lot to Cantine Vitevis for the experience gained from both a managerial and human point of view. My role within the cooperative was to identify a new strategy for the wineries that made it up, enhancing the individual wineries, each with its own identity and peculiarity without erasing their history, to organize an innovative and credible reality on the market through quality products representative of the territory. In my opinion, the role of a general manager is to work in a medium-long term perspective, as happened in Vitevis, tracing a very specific path that can continue even by taking on a new role. The position in Cadis 1898 represents for me a stimulating challenge in one of the most significant company of the national wine scene. Constructive discussion with the territory and dialogue with the people who represent it will be fundamental, as will the involvement of collaborators and daily team work”, comments Alberto Marchisio.

To continue the managerial project started by Marchisio, in Vitevis there will be figures already present in the company starting from the director Guido Allione, who since last August has been responsible for optimizing the production processes, internal organization and personnel. Supporting him for the foreign market will be Valeria Quagiotto who, in addition to sales, will deal with the coordination of the corporate brands and Roberto Sembenini who will also dedicate himself to private brands; for the domestic market, Stefano Argenton will promote the sale of the packaged product, while Stefano Lovato, an experienced oenologist, will coordinate the wine sector and the sales of bulk wines. The new managements will operate in synergy within a Board of Directors led by President Silvano Nicolato.

“We are convinced that the path identified is functional to the growth needs of the winery, guaranteeing continuity and enhancing internal resources, capable and expert figures in the wine sector, with a profound knowledge of the business mechanisms of our reality”, states the President of Cantine Vitevis Silvano Nicolato. “A team that has demonstrated in recent years that it has the ability to keep pace in a constantly evolving market. We thank Alberto Marchisio for his commitment, contribution and dedication which have made our cooperative grow in terms of benefits that is, of its partners. The human factor has always been at the center of our history and this choice also demonstrates it, we are a local cooperative, we represent over 1,000 members, working as a team in sharing is a condition we have always known”.


Alberto Marchisio, born in Alba (Cuneo), after ten years’ experience within the Terre del Barolo cooperative in Piedmont and followed by another five in Montresor, a historic company in the province of Verona, returned to the cooperative world in 2012 in Colli Vicentini, a winery merged in 2015 with Cantina di Gambellara and Cantina di Malo and in 2019 with the acquisition of Cantina di Castelnuovo del Garda in the province of Verona, now Cantine Vitevis. Since 2020 he has been president of Assoenologi Western Veneto section and national councilor.

CADIS 1898 is a cooperative with over 2,000 winegrowing members and 6,500 hectares of cultivation, a total turnover of over 141 million euros in 2023. The group is among the protagonists of the international wine scene. Year after year it has created a mosaic of production sites and vineyards that extend throughout the Verona area. It all began in 1898 with the birth of Cantina di Soave which was followed by the incorporations of: Cantina di Cazzano di Tramigna (1996), Cantina di Illasi (2005), Cantina di Montecchia di Crosara (2008). Furthermore, in 2003, Borgo Rocca Sveva was inaugurated, the company’s winemaking center of excellence, not only a cellar but also a place dedicated to hospitality and wine tourism. Terre al Lago was born in 2019, a cellar dedicated to the main lake denominations of Garda. Since 2022, wineries and brands have been reunited under the name of Cadis 1898.

Cantine Vitevis is a cooperative with over 1,000 winegrowing members and 2,700 cultivated hectares, a total turnover of 70 million euros in 2023, doubled in just under 8 years from the first consolidated balance sheet in 2016 (around 35 million euros). The value of bottled products has also doubled both in terms of numbers and value (6 million bottles in 2015 are now 15 million), exporting the 49 denominations which are well represented in the product portfolio to 50 countries around the world. Since 2017, the winery has begun a sustainability journey that will lead the cooperative to publish its first Sustainability Report in 2024.

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