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I Carpini


“I was not born a winemaker but by choice it became my life. I learned how essential it is for a winemaker to be able to observe, wait and watch carefully all that surrounds us: nature! And in this way I founded my holistic company "

Strada Provinciale 105, 1 Pozzol Groppo, AL 15050 Italia

Ragione sociale: Cascina I Carpini snc
Regione di appartenenza: piemonte
Settore: Vini
Produzione: Spumanti, vini bianchi, vini rossi,vini rosati, orange wines,vini naturali,liquori e distillati

Chi siamo

A winemaker should wait for the exact moment to pick the fruit, crush it and then decide when and how to transform the grape must into wine. Fundamental is to observe the evolution of the wine in its long aging process, until it really becomes a wine that identify completely I Carpini, and at that point it is the wine itself that ask me to get bottled, to leave the places where it was born and aged,to meet the rest of the world.