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In Cerea from 12 to 14 April there is ViniVeri.

In the picture Paolo Vodopivec, President of ViniVeri Consortium.

The ViniVeri Consortium was the forerunner of the natural wine movement in Italy. In fact, twenty years have now passed since a group of producer-artisans decided to join together as the ViniVeri Consortium to share, for the first time in Italy, their journey, both in terms of work and philosophy of life, of true environmental sustainability in agriculture, its daily application both in the vineyard and in the cellar respecting the cycles and resources of nature.

A vision that is summarized in the promise “Wines according to nature”, a promise that is constantly maintained with the winemakers’ adherence to the Consortium’s “Rule” where the principles that guide production and the practices to be observed in the vineyard and in cellar are defined.

Today, over 120 winemakers and agri-food producers in Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia join ViniVeri. A union of values and experiences that enhances artisan authenticity, the diversity and uniqueness of the territories, the living richness of nature without the help of synthetic chemistry and invasive practices.

ViniVeri winemakers are real custodians of identity to offer wines made with care and competence, enjoyable and free from defects. Wines that demonstrate that environmentally friendly viticulture is not only possible but is an urgent necessity for the protection of territories and natural resources that are increasingly at risk.

The results of these twenty years of work and shared experiences can be tasted from 12 to 14 April at the Exp Area La Fabbrica in Cerea, near Verona. To learn more about ViniVeri, we interviewed President Paolo Vodopivec.

Who are the visitors to your events?

Many passionate connoisseurs of wines made according to nature come to ViniVeri, but also many people full of curiosity who want to discover this world. I want to underline the growing and enthusiastic presence of millennials and young people from generation Z, attentive to conscious and sustainable consumption choices from an environmental point of view. Then of course many professionals: restaurateurs, importers from all over the world, especially the East.

You have been active for over twenty years, what changes have you observed in this period from winemakers and visitors?

The group of winemakers of the ViniVeri Consortium, born 20 years ago, has brought out a different approach to wine, with another understanding: a wine made with as few interventions as possible, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. A good and representative wine of the territory. We gave ourselves a “Rule” and as an association we respected it by creating a movement of winemakers who respect nature. We have carried out – and will continue to do so – many battles such as the one against pesticides or the transparency of wine labels. As regards the public that approaches ViniVeri, we can certainly notice a nice change in recent years, many connoisseurs and wine lovers are more prepared, informed and commited to certain issues.

In the field of natural wines, the issue of controls and certification by external bodies arises. There are producers and associations in favor and others against: what is your position on the subject?

We have given ourselves a “Rule” which does not deal with “organic” or “non-organic” methods but indicates the actions that allow a production to express itself fully and achieve the objective of obtaining a wine in the absence of accelerations and stabilizations, recovering the better balance between human action and nature’s cycles. This is the goal for which the group intends to work. And all the wines are subjected to continuous and regular internal checks.

This year as Vinophila we are asking operators two questions to understand the future of the sector. In your opinion, what is the biggest threat to wine today?

Definitely climate change. But also, an industrial approach to viticulture nursery. In this regard, this year we sent the nurseryman Lilian Bérillon to participate in ViniVeri with her docufilm film “Un Point c’est Tout!” which raises a cry of alarm on this very topic.

And the biggest opportunity?

This year, to celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we have chosen the theme of “Time” and how much work in the vineyard and in the cellar can give long-lived and variable wines. I would say that the opportunity is to try time, aging on our wines. There will be a tasting, led by Sandro Sangiorgi, which will feature the bottles aged for several decades by some of the winemakers of the ViniVeri Consortium. You can find all the information on the program, the participating producers and reservations for dinners and events on the website

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