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Lots of Italy at Wine Paris – Vinexpo Paris 2024.

Next week, from 12 to 14 February, the fifth edition of the Wine Paris – Vinexpo Paris fair will take place in Paris, an event that is growing from year to year, thanks also to its position in the calendar which makes it the first annual event.

Wine Paris is demonstrating excellent internationalization capacity, attracting exhibitors from 47 countries. The massive presence of French wineries, 75% of the total, attracts operators from all over the world without overwhelming foreign exhibitors as happened at the time of Vinexpo Bordeaux.

Thanks to the attention dedicated to foreign exhibitors, the organizers were able to create a virtuous circle whereby buyers who come to meet French wineries can find a good representation of foreign producers, making the fair more complete and the visit more efficient in terms of business. At the same time, foreign producers are increasingly participating in the French event given the large number and geographical areas of origin of the visitors.

A win-win situation that may seem obvious, but was not at all a given in the past.

In this evolution, Italy plays an increasingly important role, so much so that it deserves an entire dedicated pavilion and part of another pavilion shared with Spain.

This year there will be over 650 Italian exhibitors, 75% more than in 2023 and around half of the foreign presences, for a total surface area 40% larger than last year.

Another factor in the success of Wine Paris – Vinexpo Paris is the space dedicated to other alcoholic beverages, in addition to wine. Following market trends in Paris, the “Be Spirits” pavilion brings together the offerings of liqueurs and spirits, beer, cider, soft drinks and drinks no or low alcohol.

Among the new features of Wine Paris – Vinexpo Paris 2024, the presence of the Wines Unearthed area stands out. Wines Unearthed is a company that provides export support for small producers looking for importer-distributors in some key markets.

The formula includes a collective area that allows producers to participate in the fair with reduced costs compared to purchasing a stand and with the assistance of the Wine Unearthed staff. For buyers there is the advantage of being able to discover wineries from all over the world in a limited space.

This proposal has been created since 2015 within the London Wine Fair and this year makes its debut in Paris.

Vinexposium, the organizer of the fair, has also decided to establish an award this year: the “V d’Or” which will reward the best initiatives in the wine and spirits sector worldwide for the “Best new business solution”, “Best brand experience”, “Best heritage initiatives”, “Best joint initiatives” and “Best eco-friendly market launch”. The awards ceremony will be held during La Nuit des V d’Or on 11 February, the day before the opening of Wine Paris – Winexpo Paris.

Vinophila 3D Wine Expo - The metaverse for Wine, Beer and Alcoholic Beverages

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