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Serena Wines 1881


Serena Wines 1881 is an historic company located in the heart of the Prosecco region.

Via Camillo Bianchi, 1 31015 Conegliano (TV) Italy

Ragione sociale: SERENA WINES 1881 S.R.L. a socio unico.
Regione di appartenenza: veneto
Settore: Vini
Produzione: Spumanti,Vini bianchi, Vini rossi, Vini rosati, Vini naturali

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Serena Wines 1881 is located in the heart of the Prosecco region, two steps away from Conegliano, land to which is strongly connected, as suggested also by the historic residences scattered in the rolling hills embroidered with wine-yards. The enterprise has always been a family-run, and is now in its fourth generation with Giorgio Serena and in the fifth with his son, Luca, now owner of the firm. The family boasts a centuries-old tradition in the wine world, together with a profound enological passion and a tenacity in daily work. The respect for the wine-growing laws has merged with innovation, and the strong bond with the land and the Veneto region remains alive and strong. Serena Wines 1881 is currently one of the top ten Prosecco producers in Italy. There are six ranges of products differentiated by market positioning and supply, including still wines, white and red, sparkling wines and a Champagne brand. The company exports to over fifty countries and positions itself as a solid and trustful reality worldwide.