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Wine Wision


Wine Vision is the MCI business unit specialized in the wine and spirits market, that offers innovative strategic communication and sales services.

Piazza Duomo, 20 20122 - Milano (MI)

Ragione sociale: Wine Vision
Regione di appartenenza: lombardia
Settore: Servizi innovativi
Produzione: Servizi innovativi

Chi siamo

Wine Vision works alongside the customer to reflect in depth on the identity of the company and create together some tools that will give it value and guide the subsequent communication and organization actions of the sales network. A specialized, professional and flexible point of reference in identifying the best approach, from service to consultancy to temporary management. Communication is changing profoundly in all sectors and the world of wine must also adapt. We have been using a "Phygital" approach for some time, that is "hybrid", which allows for example to start from the bottle of wine and bring the customer to know the company better through digital experiences such as Augmented Reality, passing from the web to social networks, to influencer marketing.