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Winejob: consulting for Wine Business

Indirizzo: Via G. Bovio, 19 50136 Firenze

Ragione sociale: Selecta Pecchioni di Bonicelli Elena in Pecchioni SAS
Regione di appartenenza: toscana
Settore: Vini
Produzione: Vini

Chi siamo

Winejob is the first agency specialized in the wine sector for recruiting, , training and consulting activities for Wine Business. The long experience and wide network of contacts developed in 30 years of work at national and international level allows Winejob professionals to observe the world of wine from a privileged point of view from which they can compare different realities, gather market needs, predict future developments and be constantly updated. For wine professionals, wine managers but also for those who want to start working in this sector, we create different training experiences that all have the objective of ensuring a high level of quality and a concrete and updated feedback with the dynamics of the sector, promoting the meeting and dialogue with wineries. For Italian wineries, we aim to foster innovation and the development of an entrepreneurial culture aimed at enhancing the potential of human capital to compete successfully in the modern landscape. We strive with passion, courage, curiosity and dedication to offer experience, knowledge and tools that pave the way for the future of companies and all those who love working in the world of wine. Here are the services we offer through our team of experienced professionals: we train professionals and enthusiasts so that they can acquire or increase their knowledge; we search for and select talented candidates to inspire new synergies that contribute to the growth of companies and the evolution of the wine sector; and we support Italian wine companies with consultancy in the wine business on different levels, to foster their development and growth over time.