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July, 25th 2022

(by Lorenzo Biscontin) Trentodoc Festival will be held from 7 to 9 October, the first edition of a real party that will involve Trento, with its streets, squares, historic buildings, courtyards and unexpected places, the entire territory and the wineries, which will welcome wine enthusiasts and special guests, to get to know and experience every nuance of mountain bubbles.

An event already strongly desired by the Government of the Autonomous Province of Trento to celebrate the Trentino bubbles of and, at the same time, strengthen the wine tourism proposal and other excellences of the sector, which are such thanks to the work and passion of vintners and sparkling wine houses.

The initiative, which aims to enhance a symbolic product, expression of a unique territory for environmental conditions and climatic variety, Trentino, will be held in the historic center of the city and in other locations throughout the province, where the sparkling wine houses associated with the Institute will organize special events to discover the sparkling wines where they are born.

There are four key concepts that inspire the program: territory, product, story and experience.

Grapes selected exclusively from Trentino, ancient sparkling wines production tradition, refermentation in the bottle and prolonged contact with the yeasts: these are the distinctive features of Trentodoc, the first classic method to obtain the D.O.C. in Italy in 1993, among the first in the world.

Obtained from grapes grown up to a maximum altitude of 900 m.s.l.m. today it is produced by 64 sparkling wine producers in an area that extends from the Adige Valley to the Cembra Valley, passing through the Vallagarina, the Sarca Valley, the Valsugana and the Giudicarie Valleys.

Vinophila 3D Wine Expo - The metaverse for Wine, Beer and Alcoholic Beverages

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