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Vitigno Italia: wine, in the South (of Italy).

The 2024 edition marks twenty years of Vitigno Italia, undoubtedly the pioneer of events dedicated to wine that take place in the South of Italy.

In fact, it is the first event that wanted to bring wineries from all over Italy to meet consumers and operators from the south. Through the years the national approach has been maintained with regards to the wineries present, while the reach of the public has expanded, involving all of southern Italy with a prevalence of Puglia, Lazio and Abruzzo, as well as of course Campania.

For the 18th edition (two were canceled due to COVID) the wineries already confirmed are 300 and will present over 20,000 labels. This year Vitigno Italia will take place in the Maritime Station, a novelty compared to the classic location of Castel dell’Ovo, temporarily closed for restoration.

An equally central position that allows you to make the most of the tourist attractiveness that Naples currently enjoys. From 2 to 4 June, the dates of the event, two cruise ships are expected to dock and agreements have already been made with shipping companies to include Vitigno Italia among the activities offered to cruise passengers.

However, the formula remains unchanged which includes Sunday dedicated to end consumers, while Monday and Tuesday are focused on trade operators.

For us the final consumer is fundamental” claims the Director of Italian grape varieties Maurizio Teti “In these twenty years we have created a new generation of consumers who have grown, also in competence and curiosity, thanks to direct contact with the company. It is something both educational and rewarding for people and is part of the experience we want to offer visitors. It is also important for our exhibitors because we must never forget that intermediaries are essential to reach the final consumer, but the actual consumption of the wine occurs when it is drunk.

We are obviously moving on both fronts” continues Teti “and this year we have further increased the presence of buyers, including foreign ones.”

We also asked Teti the two questions of our 2024 survey, i.e. what is the greatest threat for wine today and what is the greatest opportunity

The threat is the fear with which younger generations often approach wine, and from this threat comes the opportunity: we must open up to the consumer on the basis of conviviality, with fewer narrative barriers and more experience, without fear of making mistakes.

Once again, the market is calling on the wine sector to have the courage to (re)innovate.

All the details on the event program can be found on

Vinophila 3D Wine Expo - The metaverse for Wine, Beer and Alcoholic Beverages

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